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First, an overview

YH30-PL phosphate free spray degreasing agent. Its main characteristics are: environmental protection and energy saving. A variety of surfactants and phosphate free additives can be used to remove all kinds of oil quickly at low ambient temperature. The bath liquid is stable and the process control is simple and so on. As the degreasing agent is low in concentration and low in alkalinity, the degreasing workpiece can be washed in a short time only with a short time, and the degreasing agent can enter the next process, and the pollution of water is low.
This product is suitable for spraying, soaking operation line. When the room temperature is higher than S C, the degreasing need not be heated. Therefore, it has good environmental protection and energy saving performance.

Two. Performance indicators


White powder

Water solubility

freely soluble

Total alkalinity

>45 point

Free alkalinity

235 point

Three. Operation standard

Use concentration


Processing method


Free alkalinity


Treatment temperature


processing time

1.5-3 minutes (spray, dip for 15-20 minutes)

Tank liquid preparation: in the tank, the 2/3 volume water is filled, the amount of YH30-PL degreasing agent is added to the specified volume, the mixing is uniform, then the test and adjustment to the process range, can be put into use. In the process of treatment, the free alkalinity is reduced and the degreasing ability is reduced. At this time, some degreasing agents must be supplemented to the range of free alkalinity, and the bath liquid can be used for a long time.

Four, packaging and storage and transportation

This product 30kg woven bag packaging, storage and transportation when moisture-proof, thermal protection, storage period of three years.

Five. Security measures

Workers should wear rubber gloves. If the liquid is rubbed on the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and send it to the doctor if necessary.


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