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YH30-SL Acidic Aluminum Lift Debaling Agent



First, an overview

YH30-SL acidification is a kind of acidic degreasing solution. It is suitable for oil removal engineering of aluminum parts. It contains many kinds of surfactants, and the washing power is excellent. It is suitable for the soaking method, and the bath liquid is stable and the process control is simple. Because the degreasing agent is low in concentration, it has little damage to the workpiece and easy to operate. It only needs a short time of water washing, and it can enter the next process.

Two. Performance indicators

Appearance: light milk white transparent liquid. PH: 2.5-3.3 (2% solution)

Three. Methods of use

Use concentration


Processing method


Tank material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

Use of temperature

Normal atmospheric temperature

Control concentration


Recharge method

10xTx (control concentration - concentration) = recharge KG

Determination method

The P.P. indicator of 3 ~ 5 drops in the conical bottle 10CC was swayed evenly, and the test solution was titrated with O.INNAOH standard test solution, making the test liquid from colorless and pale red to the end, and recorded the CC number consumed by the 0.1N N AO H standard test solution.
(Note: 1CC = 1P 0 INT, tonnage of T- sink)

Four. The way of building a bath

In the tank, the 2/3 volume water is filled and the YH30-SL degreasing agent is added to the calculated amount. The water is added to the specified volume and stirred evenly. Then the parameters are tested and the parameters are adjusted to the range of the process. It can be put into use. In the process of treatment, the concentration is reduced and the degreasing ability is reduced. Some degreasing agents must be supplemented. The parameters are controlled in the process range, and the slots can be used for a long time.
Slot: each cubic plus 40 ~ 50 kg, PH test paper 1 ~ 2 point reference process:
Degreasing - water washing - skin film - water washing
Degreasing - water washing - surface adjustment - skin film - water washing
Degreasing, water washing, acid washing, water washing, surface adjustment, film washing
Five, packaging and storage and transportation
25KG plastic barrel packing for two years.

Six. Security measures

Workers should wear rubber gloves. If the liquid is rubbed on the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and send it to the doctor if necessary.

Seven. Precautions

1, it is suggested that the slot should be updated at least once a year.
2. It is necessary to remove the oil slick in the tank level.
3, daily treatment, should be appropriately added medicament to achieve the state of the medicine;
4. Please place this medicine in a cool dry and ventilated area.


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