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YH30ZW phosphate free degreasing agent



First, an overview

YH30ZW is our latest development of non phosphorous medium temperature degreasing agent. It contains a variety of surface active agents and no phosphorus auxiliaries. It is suitable for the soaking method, the bath liquid is stable, the process control is simple and convenient. Because the degreasing agent is low in concentration and low in alkalinity, the degreasing workpiece can be washed in a short time only with a short time, and then it can enter the next process.

Two. Performance indicators

Appearance: white powder free alkaline ^9.5 point (5% water solvent)

Three. Methods of use

Use concentration


Processing method


Tank material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

Control parameters

Free alkalinity

7 points(maximum 20 points)


50 (maximum 80)


3-5 minutes

The best concentration of the bath is formulated. In general, it is formulated according to the following methods.
Tank liquid preparation: 2/3 volume of water in the tank, add the amount of YH30zv^ grease agent, dissolve the circulation pump, and then add water to the specified volume, test and adjust the parameters to the process range, can be put into use. In the process of treatment, the free alkalinity is reduced and the degreasing ability is reduced. At this time, some degreasing agents must be supplemented to the range of free alkalinity, and the bath liquid can be used for a long time.
Reference process: degreasing, water washing, film washing.
Degreasing-water washing-surface adjustment-film washing-pickling-water washing- degreasing-water washing-surface adjustment-film washing

Four, packaging and storage

The 30kg woven bag is lined with plastic bags. It is damp proof and hot proof during storage and transportation. The storage period is four years


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