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YH-3100 normal temperaturezinc coating agent



First, an overview

The characteristics of YH-3100 phosphating agent are stable and stable process, simple control, less sediment efficiency, very meticulous, dense and uniform phosphating film, good corrosion resistance of the membrane itself, suitable for various kinds of paint, sun level electrophoresis bottom and powder coating, YH-3100- suitable for temperature soaking treatment process. The YH3100 phosphating solution consists of three parts: the base fluid A (distribution tank), the replenishment liquid B and the accelerator C.

Two. Technical performance objectives



40 concentration liquid composition

A component: grooves, light green liquid
B component: supplement, light green liquid
C component: accelerant, light yellow liquid

Total acidity of thick liquid


Free acidity of thick liquid


Concentration of thick liquid

A:≥1.4t0.06 B: 21.410.06 C: 1.18+0.05

Heavy liquid treatment


Use concentration

( A: 20L+C:0.8L) M3

Three. Control of process parameters of slots

Total acidity

Accelerator concentration swim


Processing method



Tank material


3- 15points


Soak, spray, soak and combine

Normal temperature -45

5-30 minutes

Carbon steel, stainless steel

Four, performance index of phosphating film

Phosphating membrane weight

1.5-5G/m2(l-4um )

Amount of sediment


Copper sulphate resistant drop

15 seconds

3%NACL immersion

1.5 hours

Indoor storage

No rust on fifteen days (relative temperature 60%)

Phosphating and coating matching

It is suitable for paint, anodic electrophoresis and powder coating.

Five. Methods of use

Tank liquid preparation (1000L as an example); in the tank first into the water 800L, add 0.7 kilograms of alkali, then add the 0.8L accelerator (C), then add the 20L main agent (A agent), and finally fill the water to the total volume. Testing and adjusting parameters to process area can be put into use.
Slot liquid management: during the process of processing, the total acidity and free acidity of the chemical reaction are reduced, and the total acidity and free acidity are reduced. The total acidity and the free acidity increase by 1 points and 0.2 points in each m3 bath. The concentration of 0.3KG promoter in each m3 slot is up 1. Point. Normal production can be made by adding adjustment to the process area.

Six, packaging and storage and transportation

This product is packed in 35KG plastic barrel, and it is slightly corrosive to prevent leakage. The shelf life is four years.


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