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YH-3500 room temperature Zinc membrane agent(no sl



First, an overview

The YH-3500 film agent is further improved based on the traditional zinc film (phosphating) agent. It overcomes the shortcoming of a large amount of sediment in the general zinc phosphating process. The YH-3500 coating process produces little sediment and the treatment temperature is low: the minimum 5 degree C. The phosphating film is more compact and compact than other zinc systems. The film thickness is l-3um, and the YH-3500 coating agent is suitable for the general paint, powder, Yin (Yang) polar electrophoresis and other pretreatment processes.

Two. Technical performance objectives



Thick liquid appearance

A light green or colorless liquid

Total acidity

250-300 Point

Free acidity

40-48 Point

Groove concentration

XT3300:70kg/m3+ promotion: 2-3 kg/m3

Three. Control of process parameters of slots

Processing method

Treatment temperature

Total acidity

Free acidity

processing time

Promoter concentration



10-20 Point

1.0-1.2 Point

1.5 minutes

2.0 Point



13-25 Point

0.8-1.2 Point

15-20 minutes


Four, performance index of phosphating film

Phosphating membrane weight

Amount of sediment

Copper sulphate resistant drop

3%NACL immersion

Matching with painting



35 seconds

3 hours


Five. The way of building a bath

Preparation of bath liquid: (preparation of 1000L bath liquid) in the tank first injection of 2/3 volumes of water and mixing with XT-3500 coating agent 70kg, then adding accelerator 2KG and stirring evenly, then adding water to the total volume 1000L, according to standard, general acidity: total acidity: 15 points, 0.8-1.0 point, promoter concentration 1 point (higher 1.5-2.0 point when just slotting). If the total acidity is below 13, free acid should be added to the XT3500 concentrate when it is below 0.8. When the free acid is too high, please use XT3500 agent.

Six, packaging and storage and transportation

This product, 25kg plastic bucket packaging, micro corrosion to prevent leakage. The shelf life is three years.

Seven. Safety protection

This product is slightly acidic to avoid splashing on the skin, especially in the eyes. When operating, wear protective glasses, splash inadvertently, rinse with water immediately, or send medical treatment.


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